Fishing is one of the hobbies that people choose to take some time off the routine work and relax. Camping on the bank of lake or river and taking a boat into the lake or sea for fishing is relaxing. Fishers use nets to catch fish for business purposes but those who choose fishing as an activity or hobby use fishing rods which have a different type of reels. Mostly coastal areas have activities like fishing.


Florida is south-easternmost state of the United States having Atlantic one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other side. It has long beaches, a great number of lakes and river and this sure is the place for the best type of fishing. Florida is rich in nature and has hundreds of fish species. These are reasons because of which fishing is one of the top activities in Florida for visitors as well as locals. Here are some best fish to catch in Florida.


Snook is among the best fishes in the waters of the state. They usually are found in warmer waters. Snook are clever and strong so it is great fun to catch them.


Sailfish is Florida’s salt water fish which are found in tropical and subtropical waters. They have long fins. They are faster and high jumpers.


Red drums are next one in the best fish list of Florida. These are also known as red fish. These are mostly found in shallow waters. Not only in fresh waters but these are found in the state’s lakes. Red drums are bit different than black drums as these a little longer than black drums and of course the color difference. The red drum has black spots or one large black spot just before its tail.


There are other fish which are favorite for fishing activity but these 3 are at the top because it is more fun to catch them. Some of these fish in Florida is not good for use as food.

Fishing Charters In Florida